Offered is this superb Applegate Small Jumbo built in 2016.  If you have ever been fortunate enough to play a guitar built by Jim Olson, then this instrument might feel a bit familiar to you, as Jim Olson has served as a mentor to Brian Applegate and they operate out of a similar part of the country.  In fact, I have heard this instrument referred to as a "poor man's Olson SJ."

The Applegate SJ as configured here is a 14-fret, 25.5" scale instrument primarily designed for fingerpicking. It has 15.25" wide lower bout, a body length of 19.6" and is 4.625" deep at the tail block.  This guitar has a Red Cedar top and Indian Rosewood back and sides and was custom ordered with a sound port.  The neck is Brian's low profile, 5-piece design with depth measurements of .80" at the 1st and .90" at the 9th.  It has an Ebony fretboard with gold 'EVO' fret wire and a 1.75" bone nut.  It has an Ebony bridge with a bone saddle and 2-5/16" string spacing. The tuners are gold Gotoh 510's. A K&K pickup has been installed for concert amplification. The guitar has a total weight of just 4.2 pounds.

As noted above, this guitar will likey feel quite familiar to those who have played Olsen or Charis guitars as it has similar cosmetics and utilizes similar construction methods.  Like the guitar that it emulates, this is a very responsive instrument with a full and well-balanced voice and it plays with great ease.  The neck shape is quite luxurious for those who prefer a sleek neck profile.  It is currently setup with Elixir 80/20 lights with 12th fret string heights of 5.5/64" on the low E side and 4.5/64" on the high E side.  Please check out the brief sound sample provided.

This guitar is in fabulous condition in most respects, although the Cedar top does show a few impressions that are not easily detected at first.  There are a few impressions near the tail of the guitar in the area of the center seam.  Also, the original owner seems to have utilized a particularly percussive picking style which has left a series of tiny nail marks in the playing area.  Included are my best attempts to photograph these flaws.  In all other respects, this guitar is in near mint conditon, frets included.  It comes in it's mint and original tweed case.

In my opinion, Applegate guitars do not yet get the full recognition they deserve and are undervalued in the marketplace, much like Olsen guitars were at one time. Applegate guitars have a base price of $6K and one equipped like this would cost around $7K new. This would be a fabulous instrument for the demanding fingerstyle player and represents a great buy. Make this fabulous Applegate yours today! 
Small Jumbo
Red Cedar, Rosewood 2016
Condition: Very Good
Price: SOLD
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