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000-42 BaaaG Varnish 2008 
German Spruce, AAA Brazilian RW
Condition: Excellent
Price: $11,499 (was $12,999
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Offered is this fantastic Collings 000-42 BaaaG Varnish built in 2008.  This is a instrument that I've lusted after for for our inventory for quite some time. Like another guitar aficionado with whom I have corresponded, I kept waiting for the price of this guitar to go down.  Instead, it continued to escalate as the best often do, so I decided that waiting was no longer a viable option...

This beautiful instrument has nearly all of the very best features that you could ask for in a Collings 000-12 fret: a tight-grained German Spruce top; AAA-graded Brazilian Rosewood  that can no longer be had for the back and sides; top of the line cosmetics including Abalone inlays and invoroid binding everywhere; and to top things off, a full gloss varnish finish.  Heavens, this guitar has it all!  Other critical specs include: 25-1/2" string scale; 1-13/16" bone nut; Modified V neck shape; 2-5/16" string spacing.

Built in Bill Collings' heyday era, this guitar is simply magnificent.  It seems almost alive in your hands and the tone is majestic.  Playing this instrument is a cathartic experience.  My crude sound sample doesn't do the guitar justice, but check it out; this guitar has a voice that sings. It plays superbly too, with 9th fret string heights of 6/64" and 4/64" and with just a smidge of neck relief.  It is currently setup up with my standard Elixir 80/20 lights. 

Collings 14833 is in excellent condition, despite it's decade of adoration and play. Only the lightest of scratches are to be found in it's wonderful varnish finish.  It shows a few capo marks (not impressions) on the back of the neck which may be the worst of it's minor cosmetic flaws (see the neck photo).  I am told the back once had a surface crack, as fine Brazilian is known to do, but I'll be damned if I can find any evidence of the repair. The incredible Brazilian now shines like a much newer instrument.  It comes in it's original Collings /TKL case which is also in excellent condition.

Like the wonderful Greven I currently have in stock, this Collings 000 is a once-in-a-lifetime grade of instrument.  I would keep this guitar, but it deserves far better, someone whose playing capabilities are more of an equal to this guitar's incredible build quality and voice.  If you have the means, make this Collings yours and achieve something akin to acoustic guitar nirvana. Amazing....

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