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OM3G SS Varnish

German Spruce, Short Scale, Varnish​Finish, ​2015
Condition: Near Mint

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Offered here is this superb and near mint Collings OM3 G SS Varnish built in 2015. This is a highly customized version of Collings' top of the line OM3 guitar. It has a short scale (24-7/8"), a 1-3/4" bone nut and 2-1/4" string spacing. It has an upgraded German Spruce top and very straight-grained East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. The Honduran Mahogany neck has Collings' Modified V neck shape with depth measurements of .85" at the 1st fret and .95" at the 9th fret. It has an Ebony fingerboard and bridge. The guitar has '3' series cosmetics with grained ivoroid binding throughout, an Abalone rosette and a multi-color backstripe. 

The most important option on this particular instrument is it's upgraded varnish finish.  Few builders still offer a varnish finish, even as an added cost option. Varnish is far more labor-intensive and expensive than other finishes, but it is softer than lacquer and allows for better wood vibration, resulting in a more complex tone like that which you might get with a vintage instrument. This very special Collings has been treated to this luxurious and expensive option. 

The benefits of the varnish finish are immediately evident, even to my old and abused ears.  It's tone is of a richness and depth that is uncommon for an instrument of recent vintage.  Listen to the brief sound sample provided and I think you will be able to hear what I mean. While far from fully broken in, this guitar has a special voice that is sure to improve with play and time.  It plays almost effortlessly too, with 12th fret string heights of 5/64" on the low E side and 4/64" on the high E side with just a touch of neck relief. It is a joy to play!

This beautiful instrument is in virtually flawless original condition and could pass for new.  There are no issues of any significance and the frets are like new.  Even the pickguard is flawless.  It comes in it's similarly mint Collings/TKL case with the original paperwork.

With the options on this guitar, a new example would cost you over $8K at current street prices. The cost of the varnish finish upgrade alone is well over $2K!  Save yourself a ton on a particularly marvelous acoustic with this near mint 2015 beauty.

If you are looking for a ultra-high quality, mid-size guitar to help you express yourself, it would be hard do better than with this beautiful and virtually unplayed Collings OM3GSS Varnish. A remarkable acoustic, even for a Collings!

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