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American Vintage Reissue

'62 Telecaster Custom 1999
Condition: Excellent
Price: SOLD

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Offered here is a Fender American Vintage Reissue '62 Telecaster Custom built in 1999. This guitar's 20th birth day is just around the corner, yet this lovely instrument remains in fantastic condition.  Fender stopped making this model back in 2012 as the cost of production became prohibitive relative to their Custom Shop versions of this same guitar. These AVRI models were known to be fabulous guitars and you don't see many clean examples like this beauty as folks tend to hold onto them.

This marvelous Tele has specs which are true to the original upon which it is based. It has an Alder body with binding on both sides and a 3 tone sunburst nitrocellulose lacquer finish. It has a Maple neck with an oval C-shape and depth measurements of .82" at the 1st fret and .93" at the 12th. It has a lovely dark slab Rosewood fretboard with a 7.25" radius, vintage frets and a 1.650 Tusq nut. It comes with a vintage style Tele bridge with steel saddles installed along separate six saddle bridge and the so called "ash tray" bridge cover.  The tuners are era-correct vintage style. This guitar has a total weight of 7.75 pounds. It is completely original except that the "vintage dark circuit" capacitor has been removed giving this guitar modern wiring with a useful neck pickup. The original cap is included in the case.

Pick up this guitar and you would think it was a much more expensive Custom Shop model or perhaps a real vintage guitar. It looks, feels, plays and sounds like a guitar costing far more, which is likely one of the reasons Fender discontinued this model. It plays like butter and the tone is just what you want in a Tele, twang without being piercing. Check out the brief sound sample for a taste of this Tele's tone!

Despite being almost two decades old, this guitar is in fantastic condition and could pass for a much newer instrument. It has just a couple of tiny scratches on the back that I have included photos of, but they are so minor that you probably won't see them except under proper lighting and at the correct angle. These hard to find flaws aside, this guitar is in near mint condition, frets included. It comes in it's original tweed case, in very good condition, along with most  of the original accessories and paperwork.

This is a high quality, collectible Fender Tele for the money. It is in great condition and is an instrument anyone should be proud to own and play. Make this gorgeous and relatively rare Tele Custom yours today!

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