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50's Telecaster Thinline Relic 2017
Rosewood Neck/FB, Modern Specs
Condition: Excellent +
Price: $2,899

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Offered here is a fantastic limited run semi-hollow Telecaster with a Rosewood neck and fingerboard which the Custom Shop calls the "50's Telecaster Thinline" and was built in 2017.  Of course, this model name is a bit of a misnomer, as the first Fender Thinline wasn't even introduced until 1969.  This naming issue notwithstanding, this is one very cool Thinline!

This guitar has a premium, semi-hollow Ash body with moderate factory aging  and an extremely cool faded shell pink nitrocellulose lacquer finish. It weighs just 6 pounds and is nicely balanced. It has a Rosewood neck with a chunky "57 Soft V" carve with depth measurements of .882 " at the first fret and .987" at the twelfth fret. The Rosewood fingerboard has a 9.5" radius,  6105 frets and a 1.650" bone nut.  The electronics include a Custom Shop Twisted Tele single coil in the neck position, a Broadcaster single coil in the bridge position, with volume and tone controls, a three way switch and modern wiring.

Look my inventory over and you will notice that I am partial to semi and fully hollow electrics.  I love the light weight and the resonance that such guitars typically have and I like the slightly more open and woody tone.  This guitar has Tele "spank" in spades and adds an additional touch of ES 335 to it's voice. Check out the provided sound sample and see if you agree. The Rosewood neck on this limited edition model is just frosting on the cake.  It is chunky but without big shoulders and the "V" is so soft that many will mistake it for a "C".  The density and the rigidity of the Rosewood neck makes it a perfect, albeit expensive material for a guitar neck.

This well-cared for and lightly played 2017 guitar shows no wear that can be distinguished from its original factory aging.  As evidenced by the included photo, the frets remain in marvelous condition as well.  It comes in it's origin.al G&G case with the certificate of authenticity, build sheet and the accessories shown

​I love virtually all Custom Shop Tele Thinlines, but the Rosewood neck and the shell pink finish make this one particularly special.  Make it yours!
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