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​​Gibson Custom
'59 Les Paul Reissue
Collectors Choice "Carmelita"
True Historic, 8.2 pounds, 2016​​
​Condition: Excellent

Offered here is an amazing Les Paul reissue, Collector's Choice number 37, number 011 in this very limited series. "Carmelita" is a painstaking replication of the original '59 LP, serial number 9-1953. 

While there are many Collector's Choice models, "Carmelita" is one of the few that received all of Gibson's "True Historic" manufacturing techniques for making these more like the originals; extremely expensive and labor-intensive wet-sanded finish; hide glue construction; double-carved top and neck; rolled fingerboard edges; thinner headstock veneer; vintage truss rod; better PAF pickups; historically accurate plastics; and on and on.

This particular example is even more desirable than most in this ultra-limited run because of it's very light weight - just 8 lbs. 2.9 ounces (8.18 pounds). The neck on this work of art measures .889" deep at the first fret and 1.00" at the twelfth and it feels fabulous in your hands. The tone is magnificent, with gobs of that woody LP bite you know and love. Please check out the brief sound sample included herein.  It plays great with a superb setup and a new set of Elixir Nano lights.

This guitar has been aged meticulously by Gibson to duplicate the original 9-1953. Other than the incredible factory aging, this guitar is in near mint condition and the frets show no observable wear (see photos). It comes with everything you would get with a new example (brown Lifton reissue case, certificate of authenticity and hang tags).

Dealers originally asked $10.5K for this model, but you can have this lightly played and lightweight used example for $2.5K less. Simply an awesome LP.  Make it yours!

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