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​​Gibson Custom
'59 Les Paul VOS with Brazilian Fretboard,​​ 8.2 lbs!
Vintage Lemon, 2018​​
​Condition: Near Mint
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Offered here is a particularly special Les Paul Reissue; a 2018 '59 Les Paul Reissue with a Brazilian fretboard. Gibson had only a small supply of the Brazilian Rosewood that has already been depleted, making this a very desirable Les Paul. This beauty is serial number 98158 from of this very limited run of guitars.

​​Specifications for this very special guitar include a non-weight relieved mahogany body with spectacular Maple flame top with a Vintage Lemon finish, VOS light aging and a super light total weight of just 8 pounds, 2.5 ounces ( 8.156 pounds)! It has a '59 C-shaped neck with moderate shoulders and depth measurements of .875" at the first fret tapering up to .975" at the twelfth. The fretboard is a fabulous slab of almost black Brazilian Rosewood. It has Gibson Custombucker pickups.  Other details include hide glue construction, long neck tenon, 12" fretboard radius, 1-11/16" nut width, 24.75" string scale and an ABR-1 bridge and tailpiece.

Gibson was quite selective as to which guitars received this very special Brazilian Rosewood fretboard material. This is example is very light in weight and has a particularly beautiful flame top.  It plays and sounds even better than it looks too! Please check out the included sound sample; even at the moderate volume at which this sample was recorded you can tell the potential this guitar has.  Just add a tube amp and gain and you are ready to rock. The setup is superb too; low and buzz free with a new set of Elixir Nano .10's installed.​ The guitar's very light weight and great balance make it a joy to play.

This guitar remains in superb condition with little to no evidence of play. Gibson has given it a light VOS patina to give it the look and feel of a lightly played vintage piece, but otherwise you will find little to no evidence of wear.  The frets are flawless. It comes in it's original Lifton-style reissue case with the certificate of authenticity and all of the original paperwork.​

Dealers originally asked $11.4K for these limited run guitars and there are still a few available for $9.4K, but none with the light weight and fabulous flame top of this guitar. These are sure to be highly desirable in the years to come.  Get this fabulous example for your arsenal at a great price while you can.  One marvelous and very special LP!

*Please note: As of this writing, I also have another guitar from this limited run with nearly identical specs, but with a "Slow Ice Tea Fade" finish.  As of 2/26/2019, Wildwood has a used example from this run for sale a $9,499!
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