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​​Gibson Custom
Collector's Choice #5
​​ True Historic
Tom Wittrock '59 LP "Donna" 2015

​Condition: Near Mint
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We are extremely selective about the Les Paul reissues we invest in for our inventory here at Capital Guitars. There are so many available at any given time, we take the time to choose examples that we feel are particularly special. The guitar offered here is a very special example indeed; Collector's Choice #5, a careful replica of Tom Wittrock's 1959 Les Paul "Donna" serial number 91923.  This example is #099 of the just 300 of these that were built in 2015.  

This guitar was one of the early Collector's Choice Les Paul models and one of the first to receive Gibson's full "True Historic" treatment.​ Built to original specifications, and assembly methods including a wet, hand-sanded finish, these guitars are as true to the originals as Gibson could make them. ​Newer True Historics do not get the very labor-intensive and expensive hand sanding treatment of these earlier examples.  It has been factory-aged to be as close to the original guitar as is possible in terms of it's look and feel.

​​Vital specifications for this model include: a C-shaped neck that is historically-accurate and true to the original upon it is based, with moderate shoulders and depth measurements of .900" at the first fret and 1.00" at the twelfth. This model gets Burst Bucker 3 humbuckers that have been wound to replicate the tone of the originals, including an 8.0K Alnico V in the neck position and an 8.5K Alnico V in the bridge position. And of critical importance to many players, this guitar weighs just 8.4 pounds with the plastic control cavity cover in place, a weight that puts this guitar well below average weight for Les Paul Reissues.​

This guitar plays and sounds as good as it looks. The tone has been tuned by the Custom Shop to sound like the original guitar. Listen to the provided sound sample and we think you will agree, this guitar has the tone LP aficionado want - lots of fat, woody LP character. The setup is superb too; low and buzz free with a new set of Elixir Nano .10's installed.​

This guitar was collector-owned and has seen little if any play time. The frets are flawless. It comes in it's original Lifton-style reissue case with the certificate of authenticity and all of the other paperwork.​

Dealers got nearly $10K for these when they were still in production, but this nearly unplayed 2015 example can be yours for far less. Get yourself one of the finest Les Paul Reissues that the Gibson Custom Shop has ever produced. Make CC#05 number 099 yours today!

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