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​​Gibson Custom
Les Paul Axcess Standard​​
​8 pounds, 1 ounce
​Condition: Excellent -
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Offered here is a relatively unique version of the iconic Gibson Les Paul, a model called the Axcess Standard.  This example was built in 2008.  It is a design that can be traced in part to the input of Journey guitarist Neil Schon, an artist who loved the Les Paul's tone, but whose playing style required a vibrato, greater tuning stability and easier upper fret access. Most of the features of this instrument made it into the Alex Lifeson Axcess model that Gibson introduced a few years later.    

This guitar has a weight-relieved Mahogany body with an Ice Tea Burst flame Maple top and a total guitar weight of just 8 pounds, 1 ounce.  The body of the Axcess is contoured and slightly thinner than your typical Les Paul, in part as an aid to player comfort whether standing or seated and also to offset the additional weight of it's vibrato system hardware.  The neck is made of Mahogany and is joined to the body using a contoured neck heel which allows player access all the way up to the 22nd fret, thereby giving the guitar it's "Axcess" name.  The neck shape is wide and thin, somewhere between that of a Gibson 60's C neck and that of a 50's rounded C and on this guitar measures .860" deep at the first fret, increasing to .950" at the twelfth fret.  A Floyd Rose vibrato unit and locking nut have been installed which allow for extensive pitch changes with little to no impact on the guitar's tuning stability.  The electronics consist of exposed coil humbuckers, a 496R in the neck position and a 498T in the bridge position, along with volume and tone controls for each pickup.  The tone knob for the bridge pickup on serves as a push/pull coil split control.  

Even if you don't use the Floyd much, it's bridge design allows for a nice low setup. The Floyd, along with the relatively sleek neck make this a very easy guitar to play.  The tone can be clean or quite crunchy with a woody voice that really cuts through the mix and the coil split gives you added tonal flexibility.  Please check out the brief sound sample provided.

This guitar is in "excellent minus" condition, with just a few tiny flaws here and there, the worst of which are shown in the photos; a couple of tiny dimples on the back, some scratching on the back vibrato cover, a small rough spot the top's bridge rout and a ding near the input jack.  Overall, this guitar is in great shape and the frets remain in superb condition.  It comes in it's original Gibson case, along with the certificate of authenticity and all other paperwork and accessories that came with the guitar when new. 

This Les Paul would be a great tool for many players, particularly those whose style includes rock, shred and/or fusion.  A very cool instrument.  Make it yours!
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