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​​Gibson Custom
Les Paul / SG Standard VOS 2018
"Bohemian" Limited Run with Grover Tuners, "Super 74" Humbuckers
​Condition: Near Mint

Some 50 years ago (ugh!), a 1969 Gibson SG became my first humbucker guitar and one of the primary gigging instruments of my youth. Back then I was looking for the Gibson sound to compliment my Tele, but even then I couldn't deal with the weight and lousy balance that came with the Les Paul Standards of that era. To this day, the SG remains a guitar that evokes many positive memories for me and remains a model that I am quite fond of.  Accordingly, I am proud to offer one of the nicest Gibson Custom Shop SG's that I have had the pleasure of playing in a very long time, a 2018 Custom LP / SG VOS that was part of a limited "Bohemian" series of guitars.

The specs of this guitar are "standard" Custom Shop '60 Reissue SG fare, but with just a few key improvements that were unique to this model.  First, it comes with some great pickups; a set of "Super 74" humbuckers. These pick ups are slightly underwound with average outputs of 7.1K and 7.2K ohms, at the neck and bridge respectively, per Gibson.  They sound great  and I've seen sets of these hard to find humbuckers sell for $550.  Gibson also gave this limited run guitar a set of nicely aged and incredibly stable Grover tuners to help cure the tuning issues SG's are often known for.  Finally, these guitars were given  great finishes, some glossy and others, like this guitar, with light aging.  This guitar has a nice walnut-like finish which I believe was called "Spice". Further, this guitar received a particularly well done VOS aging of the finish and hardware making it look and feel like a lightly played vintage piece. Very nice!

This beautiful SG weighs just 6 pounds, 8 ounces and is nicely balanced.  The relatively wide-feeling SG neck measures .825" at the first fret increasing to .945" at the 12th which I think is just about average for Custom Shop SG's.  It plays like butter and sounds like an SG should. Check out the brief sound sample provided below. If you like SG's, you will absolutely love this example!

This 2018 guitar is in near mint condition and the frets show no observable wear.  It comes in it's original Custom Shop case along with the certificate of authenticity.  These originally sold for somewhere north of $4K. Get this near mint example for substantially less.  An incredible SG at a great price. Make it yours!
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