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​​Gibson Memphis
'63 ES 335 TDC Block VOS
2017, 7.6 lbs.
​Condition: Excellent

Offered here is one of my favorite Gibson models, an "old style" '63 ES 335 Reissue. This version of the '63 ES 335 was introduced in 2013 as their "50th Anniversary" model. This version is built much more like the original upon which it is based with a more accurate body shape, nylon string saddles, a lighter center block and it is given a VOS (light aging) treatment which makes it look, feel and play more like a vintage instrument. Gibson continued making this model until 2018 or so when I believe it was discontinued as part of their reorganization and model consolidation.

This particular example was built in Gibson's former Memphis factory in April of 2017. It has C-shaped neck with depth measurements of .835" at the first fret increasing to .985" at the twelfth fret. This guitar is particularly light as compared with others I've had, weighing just 7.6 pounds (7 pounds, 9 ounces)!  Other key specs include: a 24.75" string scale; a 1.687" nylon nut; a 12" radius fretboard made of nicely figured rosewood; MHS Humbucker pickups made specifically for Memphis ES guitars; and an ABR-1 bridge with stop bar tailpiece. The guitar is finished in Sixties Cherry nitrocellulose lacquer, with cream binding, aged hardware and the lightly aged VOS treatment.

This guitar looks and feels like the real deal. It plays superbly too, with a nice low setup with no buzzing. This is one resonant piece and feels quite "alive" in your hands. It sounds great too; check out the provided sound sample - this guitar gives you the nice fat, woody tone that Gibson ES guitars are known for.  

Built in 2017, this guitar has been extremely well cared for and has no notable flaws of any kind aside from the factory VOS aging and the frets are spotless. It comes in it's similarly clean custom case with the era-correct gold lining, along with the certificate of authenticity.

As noted earlier, I don't think this particular version of the '63 ES 335 model is in production any longer which is sad and it will be missed.  Get yourself this classic Gibson semi-hollow for your arsenal today!
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