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​​​Goodall RP-14 Parlor
Short Scale, AAA Engelman,
Indian RW, Calton Case, 2005
Condition: Excellent
Price: $4,299
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Every time I try a new model (for me) made by James Goodall, I reconfirm the belief that he is making some of the finest acoustic guitars currently available. This little RP-14 is just amazing!  The RP-14 is a 14-fret parlor guitar with a 25" string scale. It is just 14" wide at the lower bout and 4-1/8" deep but it packs a sonic punch that is simply astounding for it's diminutive size.  This particular instrument has a AAA-grade Engelman Spruce top matched with straight-grained East Indian Rosewood and trimmed in Curly Koa with an Abalone rosette.  It has an Ebony fretboard with Abalone inlays and a 1.75" bone nut.  It has an Ebony bridge with 2-1/4" string spacing.  The tuners are Gotoh 510's with Ebony buttons.

The amount of air this little guitar pushes seems to defy physics and the tone is much more balanced and substantial than such a little instrument should be capable of.  Just listen to the sound sample and the video provided herein; this is one clear-voiced and powerful little guitar! 

It plays delightfully easy too! The neck is nice a sleek, with depth measurements of .86" at the 1st fret and .91" at the 9th.  It is setup with light gauge Elixer 80/20's with 12th fret string heights of 5/64" on the low side and 4/64" on the high side.  If this height is a touch too low for your taste, a custom saddle shim is included to raise the action just a wee bit, but I found the playability divine as is.

The original owner treated this guitar like the treasure that it is and pampered her with great care and a $1K Calton case.  Other than a few scuffs on the headstock from string changes, this guitar shows no wear of any significance, despite being over 12 years old.  The frets remain in superb condition as well.

I'm told these retail for $7,499 with a street price of somewhere near $6.5K, but this extremely well-preserved, Hawaii-built, 2005 example, with it's pricey Calton case can be yours for far less.  This beautiful little instrument is dying to be someone's very best couch buddy.  Make it yours today - you will be very glad you did!

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