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JR Reserve 'S Style ​​
Brazilian RW FB, Big Neck,  2018
​Condition: Near Mint
Price: $5,899
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If you are seeking perhaps the ultimate in a traditional Strat-style electric guitar, then you want a instrument from Lentz Guitars of San Marcos, California. The father and son team of Scott and Scott Jr. make some of the best S and T style guitars in the business, as well as a few superb models of their own design. Offered here is a fabulous Lentz JR Reserve S-style guitar, built by Scott Jr. and completed in September, 2018.

Lentz Reserve guitars are the best that Scott and Scott Jr. build and they are made from the very best materials available. This beauty features: a very light weight, one-piece body made of 25 year old Swamp Ash stock which is finished in Lamp Black nitro lacquer; a very large neck made of flame Maple with a very soft V to C shape and depth measurements of .960" at the first fret increasing to 1.00" at the twelfth fret; a gorgeous Brazilian Rosewood fretboard which dates to a 1915 stash with 12" radius, 6150 fret wire and a 1.687" bone nut; a Callaham vintage style tremolo bridge; and for electronics, three custom Lentz JR Custom single coils, with outputs of 5.56k in the neck, 5.74k in the middle and 10.00k in the bridge position, along with VTT, a five-way switch, matching pots and oil & paper caps. This magnificent guitar has a total weight of just 7 pounds, 4 ounces and is perfectly balanced with no neck dive.

Once you play a Lentz S or T-style guitar, particularly one of their Reserve guitars, you will be spoiled for most anything else. From years of experience, they have figured out how to consistently produce instruments that look, feel, play and sound so very good. The neck carve on this one is large, but certainly not excessively, for those who like the feel and tone of big neck electrics. This guitar sounds fabulous; listen to the provided sound sample for a brief taste of it's lovely vintage-style tone. In all relevant respects, this is easily one of the best S-style guitars available at any price.

This instrument was delivered to the original owner in September of 2018 and has seen only light and careful play since then.  It remains in near mint condition with no flaws of any significance and the frets are spotless. It comes in it's similarly mint blonde G&G case along with the trem arm, fingerboard protector and strap lock hardware.

You can order a guitar with these specs from Lentz for the current price of approximately $7,500 and a wait of several months. Get this near mint 2018 model today and for substantially less. Treat yourself and get this fabulous Lentz JR Reserve S today. Just an impeccable F-style S for those who demand the very best.​

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