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Gustavsson Dotmaster 2015

​​Lentz Pre-Lawsuit S Style
Alder, Maple, Rosewood,

60's C Neck, 1996
Condition: Very Good
Price: $2,999

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Offered is this very early Lentz S-style guitar built in 1996 well before the threat of legal action forced Scott to change the shape of the Lentz headstock. 

This guitar has an Alder body with a well-faded Sonic Blue nitrocellulose finish. This one was ordered with an 60's oval C-shaped neck with depth measurements of .82" at the first fret and .90" at the twelfth fret. It has a very dark Rosewood fretboard with a 9.5" radius, medium frets and a 1.655" bone nut. The electronics include Scott's own vintage output single coils with vintage style wiring and oil and paper caps. This guitar weighs just 7.4 pounds.

If you have ever played a vintage Strat from the early 60's then this guitar will seem quite familiar. The 60's C-shaped neck is much smaller than you will find on most Lentz guitars but is historically accurate to that which you would find on a real Stratocaster from this era.  It just feels and sounds like a Strat should, although Lentz guitars play far better than most any vintage Strat you are likely to come across. The tone of this instrument is true to it's roots too; just listen to the Strat quack demonstrated in the short sound sample provided. 

This guitar has been well-played; the great one's typically have been. It shows it's share of honest play wear, primarily along the edges and on the back of the body (see photos).  The Sonic Blue nitro finish is heavily faded to an almost green shade.  However, the neck is straight and true and the medium frets remain in very good condition. It comes in it's original blonde G&G case which remains in excellent condition. Despite it's cosmetic flaws, this Lentz remains a fabulous performer and a superb example of what a high-end Strat should be. This is the kind of Strat that a professional player might choose to take on the road while their $25K vintage Strat remains safely at home.

You don't see many of these "pre-lawsuit era" Lentz guitars on the used market these days, as most are tucked safely away in private hands. Folks just don't want to give them up and with good reason. Get this marvelous example while you can. It is sure to make a Lentz or Strat aficionado extremely happy indeed.

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