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​​​Linhof / Pre-Nixon Electrics
Special Bursthead 2010
Condition: Excellent (Aged)
Price: SOLD

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Offered for your consideration is Linhof Special number 149 of the 158 of these that were built in the early 2000's by Kurt Linhof and J.W. Black, former Fender Masterbuilder. Kurt  Linhof (1950 - 2014) was the great grandson of the inventor of the leaf-shutter Linhof camera and was a multi-talented individual in his own right. He had degrees in business and telecommunications and started a number of successful businesses, many of which revolved around music and guitars. He was a player, song writer and a performer and was an early entrepreneur in the trading of vintage instruments. The establishment of Pre-Nixon Electrics company and the development of the Linhof Special guitar were among the achievements of which he was most proud.

The Linhof Special is obviously based on the Fender Telecaster, but it's design reflects Kurt's incredible attention to the minute details that make for a truly great instrument.  This guitar has an incredibly light Swamp Ash body resulting in a total guitar weight of just 6 pounds, 9 ounces,  Having purchased 60's era machinery from Fender, the body has been given the belly and arm contours from a '57 Strat and a unique heel cutaway for upper fret access.  The one-piece Maple neck was also turned on a vintage Fender lathe and was given a medium/chunky C/Soft V shape with depth measurements of .865" at the first fret increasing to .965" at the twelfth fret.  It has a very dark Rosewood fretboard with a 9.5" - 11.5" compound radius, medium/tall fret wire and a 1.625" bone nut.  The pickups were designed in conjunction with Lindy Fralin and only the best components used for the wiring and controls. The final shaping, aging and finish work were done by J.W. Black, formerly a Masterbuilder with the Fender Custom Shop. 

No expense was spared in the design and construction of this instrument and the result is a guitar that is quite unique, despite it's obvious Tele genetics.  The body contours make it feel almost like a Strat, the playability is top notch and the tone is quite rich for a Tele-style instrument,  like a guitar from D'Pergo or DeTemple. Check out the brief sound sample I have included.

This guitar is in excellent original condition and the frets remain in superb shape.  These "Bursthead" models received medium aging and lots of finish checking as you might find on the finest Fender models.  It comes in a non-original brown G&G case.

Less than 160 of these were built and it has been many years since I last came across one of these for sale on the used market.  Make this rare Linhof Special yours while you can. A very "special" guitar indeed! 

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