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Fly Artist  (Pre-Refined Era)
Condition: Excellent
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Offered here in another magnificent "pre-refined" era Parker Fly, in this case a Fly Artist built in 1999. Built while Ken Parker still owned and was running the company, it has all the original details unique to this incredible design, including the face-mounted tremolo tension wheel, stereo output control, ribbon wiring, the original Fishman piezoelectric acoustic pickup system and "gen 2" DiMarzio humbuckers. The Fly Artist has a solid, vertically-grained Sitka Spruce body stained in butterscotch along with a basswood neck, carbon fiber fretboard and body and neck reinforcements, stainless steel frets, Fishman piezo system, and Parker's unique cast aluminum vibrato bridge.

Like all Parker Fly guitars, this instrument is incredibly light (under 5 pounds) and is super easy to play. The combination of humbucking pickups, coil splitting and a built in piezo system give this instrument almost limitless tone capabilities. If you can imagine a tone, it's likely your Fly can reproduce it for you. Please check out the brief sound sample included.  It is incredibly easy to play and is currently setup with 10 gauge strings and the appropriate gauge vibrato spring, although the 9 gauge spring is included should you prefer a lighter gauge string setup.

This fabulous early Fly Artist is in near mint condition with just the lightest evidence of play and handling and no flaws of any significance.  The stainless steel fret are like new. It is all original with no modifications.  It comes in it's original UK-made Hiscox case with Parker-logo, along with the trem arm, paperwork, tools and extra vibrato spring.

In that Parker guitars are no longer being manufactured, there will be few opportunities to own an a high-end model like this example, particularly a "pre-refined era" model in such great condition. Make this unique and collectible instrument yours now while you can. Very special indeed!

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