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Fly Artist Hardtail
Condition: Excellent
Price: SOLD

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Offered for your consideration is this magnificent 2003 Parker Fly Artist Hardtail in excellent condition.

The Fly Artist model is one of Parker's premium Select Series guitars. It has a one piece Sitka Spuce top and a Basswood neck, both reinforced by a carbon fiber exoskeleton. Like other Parker Fly guitars, it has stainless steel frets, locking Sperzel tuners, DiMarzio humbuckers (with coil splitting) and Fishman piezo electronics. This example is a relatively rare hardtail model, which for players who don't need a trem, makes this a guitar that is far easier to setup than Parkers with their unique but complicated tremolo design.

This thing plays with such ease it is almost rediculous and its so light (4.4 pounds) that you won't want to put it down. You can switch between humbucker tones, single coil tones, acoustic sounds and combinations thereof.  Its incredibly flexible electonics allow you to recreate almost any tone you can imagine. Please check out the brief sound sample provided. 

This guitar was built in 2003 and remains in excellent condition.  The only flaw of any significance is a small ding on the back side of the upper horn (see photo).  This flaw aside, this guitar is in superb condition and the Stainless Steel frets remain flawless.  It comes in an earlier ear Parker Fly hardshell case by Hiscox of the UK, along with the paperwork and tools shown. 

As most of you have heard, Parker guitars are no longer being manufactured making any Parker, particularly rare specialty models like this Fly Artist incredibly desirable,  Make this beauty yours while you can!
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