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Gustavsson Dotmaster 2015

Fly Classic 1998
Condition: Near Mint 
Price: SOLD
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Offered here is a superb "pre-refined" era Parker Fly Classic in rare "Teal" finish. Built in 1998, this guitar has all of the early and revolutionary design elements that genius Ken Parker envisioned for the Fly. Such early models can be easily identified by the exposed balance wheel and four button control layout, features which were eliminated in later versions in an effort to control manufacturing costs. Many Parker aficionados are adamant that these pre-2003 guitars, built while Ken still owned the company, are the best Parkers that were ever produced.

This 1998 Classic has a Mahogany body and a Basswood neck. It has a relatively rare Teal finish.  Despite having sold several dozen of these fine guitars over the years, I've necer encountered this Teal finish. It looks like "Majik Blue" in the photos, but it is really a slightly green, Teal blue. The electronics include DiMarzio humbuckers and a Fishman piezo systyem. It has the original Fly features, including the aforementioned face-mounted balance wheel, four-button control layout, the push-button piezo/stereo activation switch, etc. It weighs just 5.5 pounds and plays like butter. It sounds great too, as evidenced by the provided sound sample. It is currently setup with .09 gauge strings and trem spring, although a .10 gauge trem spring is included although not shown.

Despite being two decades old, this guitar looks nearly new. I don't think I've ever had any of the "pre-refined" era Flys in better cosmetic and functional condition. The stainless steel frets remain in near flawless condition as well. It comes in it's original Parker molded hardshell case, along with the trem arm, stereo cable, adjustment wrench, .10 gauge trem spring and Parker booklet.

If you have been thinking about getting yourself a really nice Parker guitar for your collection, this might be the example you have been waiting for.  Make this near mint Teal beauty yours today!

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