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Fly Mojo "Refined Era" 2011
Condition: Near Mint

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Offered for your consideration is this marvelous Parker Fly Mojo in near mint condition.  This is a "refined era" Fly built in 2011.

There is something truly unique and pleasurable about the extremely light weight, playing ease and tonal flexibility of the Parker Fly design.  As a Mojo model Fly, this guitar has a Mahogany body and a Basswood neck which give it a relatively warm tone. While very light (6.0 pounds), it has the added stiffness and strength provided by Parker's amazing carbon-fiber exoskeleton. Electronics on this model include a Seymour Duncan humbuckers and a Graph-Tech Piezo system, push/pull coil tapping and a three-way switch. With it's light weight, incredible ease of play and with humbucker, single coil and acoustic tones at your finger tips, what more could a creative guitarist ask for?! 

This Fly is in virtually spotless condition. If you can find any cosmetic flaws of any significance on this guitar, then you are even more compulsive than I am (my condolences). The virtually impregnable stainless steel frets remain flawless too.  It is currently set up with .09 gauge strings and the appropriate trem spring. It comes with its original hardshell case, trem arm, stereo cable and an extra .11 gauge trem spring.  

When new this guitar would have cost you $4K, but alas, Parkers are no longer being manufactured, so super clean examples like this beauty are few and far between. If you have been looking for a Parker Fly, this Mojo is sure to please. Unconventional, but oh so cool!
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