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​​​Kevin Ryan
Mission Grand Concert​​
Western Red Cedar, Cocobolo,
1-23/32" Nut, 2006
Condition: Excellent -
Price: $7,499

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Please check out this amazing Mission Grand Concert created by master luthier Kevin Ryan in 2006. This was Kevin's initial and for a while his only model.  The Mission has since  been replaced by the very similar Paradiso in Kevin's model lineup.​​

The Ryan Mission was created (primarily) for fingerstyle players who often use alternate tunings and was given a slightly elongated string scale (25.7") to facilitate dropped tunings. That said, it is still makes for a fabulous instrument for flatpickers and conventional fingerpickers. It is a 14-fret, Grand Concert size guitar with a 15.25" wide lower bout and a body depth which varies from 3.62" at the neck joint to 4.62" at the tailblock. This example was custom-ordered with a Western Red Cedar top, back and sides made of Cocobolo Rosewood and a nut width of 1-23/32".  It has an Abalone rosette and 12th fret fingerboard inlay. The headstock overlay is Cocobolo.  Both the fretboard and the bridge are black Ebony.  The Mission has a very sleek oval C neck shape which measures just .78" at the first fret increasing to .89" at the ninth. The string spacing is 2-1/4" at the saddle.

With education and experience in the field of aerospace engineering, Kevin Ryan is known for adding a scientific approach to the creative aspects of guitar design and construction.  His instruments are incredibly well built, with superb playability and over-the-top tone.  Please check out the brief sound sample provided.  This guitar sounds like a Steinway to my ear!

This guitar is in "excellent minus" condition, with just a couple of tiny indentations on the lower bout of the top near where the guitar sits in your lap (see photo).  These flaws are very hard to see except under strong lighting and when viewed at an angle.  Otherwise, this guitar is in fabulous condition and, as indicated in the provided photo,  the frets show no observable wear.  It is setup with Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12's with 12th fret string heights of 5/64" on the low E side, 4/64" on the high E side, just a hint of neck relief and lots of saddle remaining.  It comes in it's original AVS case, also in great condition.

Kevin's guitars have a current base price of $10K and a customized model like this would cost you around $15K at today's prices.  Get this lovely and well-maintained 2006 beauty for half that sum. Just an incredible acoustic guitar.....

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