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​​Scott Walker
Special 2010
All Mahogany, Semi Hollow
Condition: Near Mint

Price: $4,899
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After years of playing and working on guitars, including several years working for Richard Hoover at Santa Cruz Guitars, Scott Walker opened his own California shop in 2005.  He specializes in very unique electrics of his own design. His guitars feature hand-carved design elements and high-end electronics. He builds just 35 or so guitars a year and there is currently a 3+ year waiting list for his instruments.  Offered here is a Scott Walker "Special" built in 2010.

The Scott Walker Special is a 22 fret instrument with a 24-3/4" string scale.  It has a semi-hollow Mahogany body and a Mahogany neck and this one has with a cool "Bronze Patina" finish which is quite durable and makes it look and feel as if it were very old and made of metal.  It weighs just 7 pounds, 3 ounces. The neck is a 60's oval C with depth measurements of .82" at the first fret and .92" at the twelfth.  It has an Asian Ebony fretboard with a 12" radius, medium jumbo fret wire and a 1-11/16" bone nut. The neck feels like it came off a Gibson SG, in fact, the whole guitar has a bit of an SG feel to it, with the body size, depth and neck shape. 

The electronics, however, liken this guitar to something built for Jerry Garcia, or later, for John Mayer playing Jerry's style!  It starts with two Lollar Imperial humbuckers along with a master volume control, master tone control and a three-way toggle. To this Scott added an on-board effects loop (OBEL) with it's own toggle and input jack so you can link the guitar's pickups directly to your pedal board, pre-volume. An included special chord allows for the use of this buffer circuit which has a separate input jack (and a second input for a regular chord).  This fabulous piece was also given a built-in active pre-amp (mid-boost) with an on-off toggle and a separate level control.  With this circuit, you have a variable mid boost at your fingertips. 

The resulting instrument is amazing.  It is light, balanced and a joy to play.  The tones you can get out of the guitar are amazing, with or without using the onboard effects. I've included a clean sound sample of this guitar, but it only begins to demonstrate the tones you can get out of this guitar. 

While built in 2010, this guitar remains in near mint condition.  It has been played, but the faux metal finish is incredibly durable without limiting the guitar's resonance or voice.  The frets remain in fabulous condition as well.  It comes in it's original Cedar Creek case, along with the certificate of authenticity  which was reissued by Scott in 2018.

You can commission one of these today from Scott at a cost of $10,750 and a wait of over three years according to Scott's web site.  Alternatively, get this superb 2010 specimen for less than half that amount. If you like guitars that are unique, incredibly well built and incredibly capable, then perhaps this Scott Walker Special is for you.  Click 'Buy Now' and make it yours. 
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