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​​​Tony Vines
Artisan Grand Concert
German Spruce, African Blackwood
​1.75" Nut
Condition: Excellent-
Price: $4,499

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Offered for your consideration is this amazing Grand Concert from the multi-talented Tony Vines.  Tony isn't "just" a master luthier; he is also a song writer and performer too.  He plays the guitars he builds an this perspective helps him make extremely fine instruments. This relatively early example of his work has just blown me away.​​

The Vines Artisan is 14-fret, Grand Concert instrument.  This 2005 guitar has a German Spruce top, with the back, sides and binding made of African Blackwood.  The sleek, low profile neck is a five-piece afair utilizing a combination of Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood. The fretboard is Black Ebony without inlays.  It has a 25.7" string scale, a 1.75" nut and 2.25" string spacing.  The belly-style bridge and headstock overlay are made from Macassar Ebony and it has brass bridge pins.

African Blackwood looks to be a species of Ebony, but it's actually a member of the Dalbergia (Rosewood) family.  It is extremely hard and dense, even more so than Ebony or Brazilian Rosewood and it is extremely expensive because of the small size of the trees. It produces guitars with a voice that is powerful, clear and complex, as this lovely Vines Artisan demonstrates. I loved the tone of this instrument as soon as I took it out of the shipping carton. Even with it's existing strings it sounded magnificent; full, balanced and clear sounding with a  tight bass response.  Please listen to the brief sound sample provided.  It was recorded strung with my usual Elixir Phosphor Bronze light gauge strings, but this is an instrument that could likely benefit from a slightly heavier gauge of string.  Whatever you use, this guitar sounds fantastic.

And it plays divinely too!  It is currently set up for fingerstyle play with 12th fret string heights of 5/64" on the low E side and 4/64" on the high E side and it plays effortlessly.  The two way truss rod works smoothly and easily, so if raising the action a touch is a breeze if  that is desirable.

The guitar has just two cosmetic issues worth mentioning.  The first is a tiny pen-tip sized ding on the top in the area where your right elbow would lay, just below the bridge (see photos).  The other is a bit of a shadow stain around the bridge which Tony tells me is from the natural oils in the Macassar Ebony very slowing seeping into the surrounding tonewoods, a lesson learned early in his career.  These small issues aside, this guitar remains in fabulous condition, frets included.  It comes in it's original premium Cedar Creek case, also in suprb condition.

Tony advises that a new guitar like this one with these tonewoods would command a lofty price of approximately $15K.  Here is an opportunity to sample the incredible work of Tony Vines for a third of that sum.  What a magnificent instrument.  Make it yours today!
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